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RE: DXing Question

<<On Sun, 11 Nov 2001 01:20:29 -0500, "Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr." <fitzradio@the-spa.com> said:

> Do you or Scott have any pictures of this stick?

Scott has some blurry 8-mm video I took of the facility, as seen from
Mount Royal.  IIRC it's a 12-bay job; it sits on top of one of the
downtown Montreal office buildings.

For my money, the encrusted Mt. Royal candelabra is more interesting:
ten FMs (88.5, 92.5, 93.5, 94.3, 95.1, 95.9, 97.7, 100.7, 105.7,
107.5), eight TVs (2, 6, 10, 12, 17, 35, 62, and that CKMI relay I can
never remember), all with their own antennas.  Add in STLs, ENG, and
two-way cruft, and you've got one serious broadcast facility.  So far
as I know, it is owned by the CBC and was built in 1952 for CBFT (2),
but all of the commercial VHF-FM and TV stations are on it except for
CKOI and a couple of FMs with allocation constraints.  In Montreal
proper there are also community stations on 101.7 and 102.3 which have
their own sites.  In addition to the local stations, Montreal also
gets the Burlington stations from Mansfield and Lyon, and the
Sherbrooke stations from Mont Orford.  (In fact, when Scott and I were
there in 1998, the hotel room Scott was in had better signals off 7
and 9 from Sherbrooke than the multipathy locals a few kilometers
away.  I don't recall whether the same was true of 11 [CKMI-TV-1].)