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Re: Tech question (Was Re: WBZ stereo?)

Probably a mix of the fact that they come across the
satelite and the fact that since most stations that
are broadcasting in mono or are AM.  As a result, they
probably don't care...

> Here's an interesting question- I notice that on
> WVOM, during many of the
> shows they use verious songs before and after
> commercial breaks to segue
> out and back into the show. However, it is odd
> hearing them, because they
> sound very.....flat. Bad EQ or something....... is
> this from the satellite
> transmission? Or is it because talk radio doesn't
> use all kinds of audio
> processors like music radio does to spice up the
> sound? The quality of the
> music sounds so....horrible.....
> Jeremy

Cooper Fox
   WWBX- (All new, all hit, B97.1)

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