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Re: Tech question (Was Re: WBZ stereo?)

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Dan Billings wrote:

> > Just out of curiousity, are the Rush and Imus shows put up on the bird as
> a
> > stereo or mono feed?
> When I listened to them on Bangor FM stations WVOM and WWMJ, they appeared
> to be in stereo.

Both of those stations do broadcast in stereo, however, I am really not
sure if the shows are.

Here's an interesting question- I notice that on WVOM, during many of the
shows they use verious songs before and after commercial breaks to segue
out and back into the show. However, it is odd hearing them, because they
sound very.....flat. Bad EQ or something....... is this from the satellite
transmission? Or is it because talk radio doesn't use all kinds of audio
processors like music radio does to spice up the sound? The quality of the
music sounds so....horrible.....