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Was radio in '22, ahora Television Hispanico

And where is WFUB now.....I see it's our own Ch 66 Marlborough/Boston. Is
there really enough of a hispanic community to support 3 full power
broadcast stations in the metro Boston area?  WWDP-46/Norwell (Telemundo);
WUNI-27/Worcester (Univision) and as of Jan 1st, WFUB/66-Marlborough

Nada mas, por favor!

-Pablo Hopfgarten
-Derry, Neuvo Hampshire

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 The 97.3 station in Orange was originally
> assigned WFUB as a sequential callsign; I think that the sequence has
> now wrapped around.  WFUB was never used on the air, IIRC; the change
> to WJDF happened before the CP was built.
> -GAWollman