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94.3 Peterboro/Pack Monadnock Mtn Translator

The Relgious Translator on 94.3, I believe licensed to Greenville, has
been very difficult to hear in the Manchester NH area, even in "prime"
locations under good conditions. That is, until this past week. Now beyond
Manchester in Derry and down to Salem, the 94.3 signal is quite robust,
and dominates WCYY/WCYI 94.3 out of Maine. The signal had been in a
milktoast state for about two years prior. When they first came on the air
about 3/4 years ago they were fair/good into Manchester. They they had
their recieve antenna get knocked around and they were relaying WATD? out
of Marshfield MA? 95.9? inadvertently for about 2 weeks in the dead of
winter. After the receive antenna was re-aligned, it was quite difficult
to hear them, WCYY/WCYI, even with a weak signal into area, would wipe
them out. Not anymore!

E Derry NH

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