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re : Successful morning show?

>Date:  Mon, 5 Nov 2001 23:10:59 -0500 
>From: "Dave Faneuf" <Dfaneuf@WBUR.BU.EDU> [add to address book] [add to spam block list] 
>Subject:  Successful morning show? 
>Organization:  The WBUR Group 
>To:  bri@bostonradio.org 
>I ran across the following on Boston Radio Watch and it begs the question, 
>What are they watching?  Austin of Boston had ratings consistently around 
>5.0 in the morning and the last book prior to Morgan taking over in 
>September of 98 the morning show with John Potter was 5.4.  They are now 
>hovering about 3 in the morning with Paul Perry in the 25-54 demo. (One of 
>my former partner's emailed me that it was 2.6 but I didn't think it got that 
>low)  So, I guess my questions to BRW is what are you watching and how 
?do you define successful?

The reference was made about his success in the Providence market
where he was #1 for years which led to his job at 'ODS. Happy now?

>"WODS's PD John Morgan will exit. Morgan was PD at Oldies 103.3 
>for the past three years(BRW 7/25/98). He brought up successful* 
>morning jock Paul Perry from their former station(B101) in Providence 
>to be WODS' morning host(BRW 11/28/98)..."

>*Bold and Italics mine.


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