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W232AJ 94.3 Translator IN nh

Some of you probably visit www.radio-info.com's Boston bulletin board
but for those of you who don't, there's an interesting post from Bob C.
who apparently lives in the Tynsboro-Pepperell, Mass area.  He noticed that a "religious" station translator (WHAZ in NY State) operating
on 94.3 in Greenville, NH was coming in more strongly than ever.  In fact
it was impinging on WJMN-FM 94.5 from Boston.  It's listed as broadcasting
on 94.3 with 5 watts DIRECTIONAL from a hilltop location between Amherst,
NH and Peterboro, NH. (The FCC listing I brought up gave no HAAT but it's probably the same area as the 92.1 station the Phoenix Network
owns...about 1000 feet).  After reading the post on that site, I tuned
to 94.3 and oriented my antenna toward NH, thus diminishing WJMN greatly
(always a good thing) and the 94.3 translator came in fairly well about
15 miles east of Nashua.  Bob C. opined that the station might be broadcasting
with more power than authorized.  This is a LICENSED translator not a
pirate, but it seems to be covering more space than a 5-watt signal
(even atop a mountain) would normally be expected to reach.  And Bob C.
says it interferes with JAMN where it should be able to have a dominant signal.
Hmmmm.bears watching

Laurence glavin
Methuen, MA

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