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Re: Fwd: Re: Jibguy: Don't Cancel LTAR on WJTO

On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Laurence Glavin wrote:

> I deny that it's bigotry to make sport of "organized religion";  as you may
> have guessed, I am not an adherent of any irrational, superstition-
> based belief system, nor do I frequent structures erected by humans
> then labelled "houses of God".   The religious show that precedes LTAR
> on WJTO is a real piece of work.  A man and a woman read a few
> passages from the book of fables and myths called "The Bible", then
> spend a few minutes at the end of the show declaring that the material
> world is an illusion;  they buy time on a REAL radio station with
> REAL studios and a REAL tower that emits waves that correspond to the
> REAL laws of electromagnet propagation.  That's why I called their
> particular show 'goofy'.  About two years ago Mike Wallace interviewed
> a spokesman for the Mormon belief system, and he stated that yes
> some Mormons wear "sacred" underwear to protect themselves from
> harm!  Hey that was in the 20th century.  So I could as easily said
> lets hire Mormons to sort the mail.  I'm an equal-opportunity offender.

If you don't like the show why are you listening? It's not my kind of show
either, but this really isn't the place to be debating religeon, I keep
all of my religeous views off public forums such as this one because as
Scott Beach put it "Religeon and politics often make some people lose all
perspective and give way to ranting and raving and carrying on like
emotional children- they either refuse to discuss it with reason or else
they prefer arguementym which is hardly a way to convince anyone in an
arguement..." and went on to complete that sentence in about 2
minutes.....a favorite of mine from the old days of the Dr Demento show.
But it is so true. With all that is going on it is hard to keep the
politics completely off any list, however religeon is just not something
that you discuss. I give hats off to Bob for running the show for those
who do want to listen to such a thing.......hell the guy's a local radio
station owner, for that alone he deserves a lot of credit.