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FW: Reply from WCCH

This is a reply from the station.. I wonder why, though, where is the
monoaural signal on 103.5 coming from?  It is coming in at a 2/5 thing on
the signal meter on my dad's old stereo.. and in Williamansett, it still
comes in. I can not think of a reason, now that the WCCH problem has been
cleared.. any ideas?




Thank you for your interest in our radio station.  I understand your
frustration with trying to hit the 103.5 FM frequency.  You are correct that
our station has been off for the past 5 months.  The transmitter has also
been off for the past 5 months and the stations demodulator, which is
defective, is in my office and has been for the past 3 months (since the
time we found the problem). I have also turned the transmitter off from our
base here at the college.  I am well aware of the laws governing a
non-commercial station and when station ID's need to be done.  Our
transmitter at this time however is not functional.  I wish you good luck in
your quest to find the problem
 causing the interference, but I can assure you the problem is not being
caused by WCCH.