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Complaint against a radio station in Holyoke, MA


I am a radio hobbyist in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. WCCH-FM appears to
be broadcasting a monoaural signal from their tower site in Holyoke. This
has been going on for the past five months, and I emailed the college and
got a response saying that WCCH is not the problem. The station is
approximately 5 miles from my house, and is blocking out reception on 103.5,
and is also inhibiting the 103.3 and 103.7 frequencies. When I was in
Williamansett, a section of Chicopee, MA about 1.5 miles away from the tower
site, the signal was stronger, and was still broadcasting dead air time with
a monoaural signal. Me and other hobbyists in this area can not come up with
any other solution, and we will be investigating the problem further, and I
will get back to the FCC when I get any new information from others.


Adam Rivers