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Fwd: Re: Jibguy: Don't Cancel LTAR on WJTO

I deny that it's bigotry to make sport of "organized religion";  as you may
have guessed, I am not an adherent of any irrational, superstition-
based belief system, nor do I frequent structures erected by humans 
then labelled "houses of God".   The religious show that precedes LTAR 
on WJTO is a real piece of work.  A man and a woman read a few
passages from the book of fables and myths called "The Bible", then 
spend a few minutes at the end of the show declaring that the material
world is an illusion;  they buy time on a REAL radio station with
REAL studios and a REAL tower that emits waves that correspond to the
REAL laws of electromagnet propagation.  That's why I called their 
particular show 'goofy'.  About two years ago Mike Wallace interviewed
a spokesman for the Mormon belief system, and he stated that yes 
some Mormons wear "sacred" underwear to protect themselves from 
harm!  Hey that was in the 20th century.  So I could as easily said
lets hire Mormons to sort the mail.  I'm an equal-opportunity offender.
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>It even presents a bracing taste of reality to the folks in the
> Pine Tree State who perhaps tune in at that time to the goofy Christian
> Science program that precedes LTAR.  (Hey, here's a brilliant idea:
> sign up Christian Scientists to open the mail in Washington.  They claim
> illness is an illusion and even if they inhale anthrax, they can pray
> way out of being affected by it!)

Although I am not a Christian Scientist, or even a Christian, I find your
remark extremely offensive and uncalled for.  Religious bigotry doesn't
belong on a radio list.

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