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Re: WEEI - Must they...

> On 25 Oct 2001 at 14:30, Hakim Madjid wrote:
> > Acatually our friends at Wisconsin Electric Eels Incorparated ('EEI) had
> > some interesting content during the 'memorial' show which took place on
> > Dale Arnold and Eddie Andelman's mid-day program. Except they played the
> > play-by-play clip of the ball going between Bill Buckner's (sp?) legs one
> > too many times.

and Joe Ross wrote:
> There was a joke going around at the time that Bill Buckner felt really
> awful about it afterwards, so much so that he tried to commit suicide by
> jumping in front of an MBTA car.  But it went through his legs.

Before Leonard Zakim got the honor, some wag suggested that the new
bridge across the Charles River be named for Bill Buckner.   When you 
recall the distinctive shape of its towers, the reason is obvious.