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RE: Was 103.5FM...now 'Memory Lane'

ZJust as I was starting high school back in 1994 we
got an entire system called Channel One.  It was a
kids news network that ran a 5 min news service that
came across a sat feed at 5 AM(we reran it at about
10:30).  The system allowed for any VHS tape to be
loaded into the player/recorder/decoder and played to
all the TVs in the school.  This allowed our video
production class to have a news and announcements
program everyday.  When i was a sophomore they
restructured the local cable system and allowed us a
cable access channel.  That was put under the guidance
of the high school...  We actaully, for a time and
with the help of an engineer friend of mine, turned it
into a cable radio station.  Well, that was until the
local radio station got angry and jealous and decided
they wanted to be ran on the channel.  That, i
believe, is against the FCC regs regarding a
commercial station(including spots) being ran on a
nom-profit cable channel...

--- Sven Franklyn Weil <sven@gordsven.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net
> wrote:
> > sorts of channels at school that we don't get on
> cable, we have a satelite
> > dish and school cable system. We have at least 1
> computer in every classroom
> At NYU we used to get an awesome cable channel
> called SCOLA.  It's a sort
> of "International Channel" with news from different
> countries in different
> languages.  Kind of what NPR's World Radio Network
> service does -- but on
> TV.
> > at my school, 25 new computers in the library and 
> 2 computer rooms with 25
> > computers and a lazer printer.. We also have
> printers in most
> classrooms.
> Most kids in NYC would give their right eye for a
> school like that.  Down
> here, there's kids going to school in broom closets
> because the regular
> classrooms are so overcrowded.  There's no more
> play-yards in a lot
> buildings because all that space has been taken over
> by these tin shacks
> providing "temporary" clasroom space (some of these
> things are over 10-20
> years old).
> Count your blessings, kid.
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