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RE: Was 103.5FM...now 'Memory Lane'

We also have a system and we watch Channel One today. I missed it today
because my class (We have been the best behaved and best grades on the team
after the first term, so we got to watch "Remember the Titans" today for 3
periods..)  There are things like question of the day, there website is
http://www.channelone.com/ . They've had that at our Middle school since
I've been there, starting back in 9/1999. But many teachers (especially
Social Studies) like to turn on the Noon News or they like to turn on FOX
News (my english teacher at that time likes WBZ from Boston-- sometimes she
doesn't turn it on)...... Channel one is now like 20 minutes. My lunch is at
12:04.. Channel one comes on @ 11AM and 12:00 PM (for the sixth graders that
miss it while they are at lunch from 10:54-11:28. Seventh graders watch the
11AM one there lunch is 11:28-12:04, my lunch is 12:04-12:38..


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ZJust as I was starting high school back in 1994 we
got an entire system called Channel One.  It was a
kids news network that ran a 5 min news service that
came across a sat feed at 5 AM(we reran it at about
10:30).  The system allowed for any VHS tape to be
loaded into the player/recorder/decoder and played to
all the TVs in the school.  This allowed our video
production class to have a news and announcements
program everyday.  When i was a sophomore they
restructured the local cable system and allowed us a
cable access channel.  That was put under the guidance
of the high school...  We actaully, for a time and
with the help of an engineer friend of mine, turned it
into a cable radio station.  Well, that was until the
local radio station got angry and jealous and decided
they wanted to be ran on the channel.  That, i
believe, is against the FCC regs regarding a
commercial station(including spots) being ran on a
nom-profit cable channel...

--- Sven Franklyn Weil <sven@gordsven.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 Patriotsrule417@prodigy.net
> wrote:
> > sorts of channels at school that we don't get on
> cable, we have a satelite
> > dish and school cable system. We have at least 1
> computer in every classroom
> At NYU we used to get an awesome cable channel
> called SCOLA.  It's a sort
> of "International Channel" with news from different
> countries in different
> languages.  Kind of what NPR's World Radio Network
> service does -- but on
> TV.
> > at my school, 25 new computers in the library and
> 2 computer rooms with 25
> > computers and a lazer printer.. We also have
> printers in most
> classrooms.
> Most kids in NYC would give their right eye for a
> school like that.  Down
> here, there's kids going to school in broom closets
> because the regular
> classrooms are so overcrowded.  There's no more
> play-yards in a lot
> buildings because all that space has been taken over
> by these tin shacks
> providing "temporary" clasroom space (some of these
> things are over 10-20
> years old).
> Count your blessings, kid.
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