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Re: WGBH comment on Fybush.com

At 2:40 AM -0500 10/30/01, Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr. wrote:
>IN today's Fybush.com...
>>>meanwhile, down on Nantucket, a settlement finds "Broadcasting for the
>Challenged" yielding to "Nantucket Public Radio" for the 89.5 frequency
>there. That new station will run 78 watts vertical, 500 watts horizontal at
>36 meters AAT from a stick on Swain Hill, a mile or so west of Nantucket
>village. (We're sure Nantucket fans of Boston's WGBH will be none too
>thrilled about this one...) <<

Why?  I would think that at least some of the public radio fans in 
the area will prefer that there be a locally run alternative to the 
big guy from Boston.

The folks at GBH may not be too happy about this, but I'm sure some 
of the people down there will welcome the competition.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH