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Re: Lowell Spinners Owner Angry Over WCCM Sale

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 19:59:47 +0000 dan.strassberg@att.net writes:
> From a technical standpoint, WCAP is far and away the 
> best AM facility in the Merrimac Valley. The station 
> ought to be worth more than twice as much as WCCM. ,
> Since Entercom already has an FM licensed to Lowell, and 
> since from time to time over the last few years, there 
> have been rumors of Clear Channel buying Entercom, I can 
> imagine a situation in which Clear Channel might find it 
> worthwhile to make a play for WCAP. Surely, if CCU 
> wanted 'CAP, they'd be likely to have the cash to meet 
> Mr Cohen's price.

I really don't think he has a price in mind, but I do believe that is
what he is hoping will happen.  As far as WCAP's value, I agree it is
worth much more than either WLLH or WCCM the only downside is is
nighttime pattern.  It disappears north north west.  Now if all you are
interested in is a signal toward Boston and don't care about Southern NH
then that would not be a problem.