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Re: Lowell Spinners Owner Angry Over WCCM Sale

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 22:28:12 -0400 "Mark Watson" <markwats@mediaone.net>
>  And in today's (10/10) edition of said local newspaper, the 
> Lowell Sun, a joint venture between the Sun and WCAP was announced.
They will team  up for a news and advertising campaign to try to turn out
a record vote in 
> the Lowell city election taking place on November 6. One of the major 
> highlights of this joint venture is a candidates rally scheduled for
> 18, which will feature WBZ radio anchor Jay McQuaide ( a WLLH alum) as
> of ceremonies. Why no WCAP staffer as host?

       I glanced through that article, I must admit I did not read it
carefully but I don't recall seeing that WCAP was involved.  Like I said
I just glanced through it.  As for why a WCAP staffer wouldn't do be the
MC, two reasons.  First if you can get someone the quality of Jay why
wouldn't you?  His background is in Lowell and his roots are still here.
Secondly the morning hosts on WCAP are not big favorites amoung people at
the paper or City Hall.
>    This is quite interesting in light of Dave's post regarding the 
> Sun's publisher trying to purchase WCAP. Maybe this joint venture could

> lead to more interesting developments, depending on how this one goes.

I don't think so, I think it is just a case of WCAP getting involved
because it is PC to do so and gives them a chance to get their banner
seen by people in the city who quite frankly probably have never heard of