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WJUL (91.5 Lowell)

I'm curious how well WJUL is getting out there these days.  I'm an alum of
the station, long gone before the new installation went on the air.  With
the change, the footprint was greatly enhanced by about 60 percent while the
ERP dropped from 1.7 kW directional at 39' HAAT, to 1.4 kW directional at a
much higher HAAT with the stick moved from the Alumni-Lydon Library roof to
that of the 18 story Fox Hall across the river on North Campus.  Where did
WJUL make it's real gains in signal?

WJUL still needed to continue to protect WPAA (91.7 Andover) at (<deep
breath> "my daddy works for the FCC and everyone knows a federal politician
who once went here at Philips Academy and we never kill our plates and dead
carriers at 25 watts are fun and what 'dis do? Wweeee!...." </breath>)
Never understood why _that_ ten watter got to hop to 25 watts instead of
moving to a nice new piece of dial landscape when they had the chance.
Probably easier to pop a new xmtr in the rack and call it at day than bang
out an engineering study.

Bill O'Neill
"Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
Garrison Keillor