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Re: WJUL (91.5 Lowell)

Hi Bill (and crew):
     WJUL does fairly well at it's new location,
especially toward southern New Hampshire.  I have been
able to get 'JUL on 128 in Waltham before WMLN takes
over.  I am rather surprised that they are no longer
feeding the Talking Information Center on a regular
basis while the kids are on vacation and are silent at
various times in the year. A friend of mine is an alum
of WJUL (during their WLTI days) and did engineering
for them. 
     The three stations I currently engineer
(WBIM/91.5, WSHL/91.3 and WNRC/95.1) are all 24/7
(year round) and still use the TIC on a regular basis.
 I figure FM frequencies are at a premium and there is
really no reason why any station should not be 24/7. 
NOBODY wants a "time-share" agreement (IMHO).  


--- Bill O'Neill <billo@shoreham.net> wrote:
> I'm curious how well WJUL is getting out there these
> days.  I'm an alum of
> the station, long gone before the new installation
> went on the air.  With
> the change, the footprint was greatly enhanced by
> about 60 percent while the
> ERP dropped from 1.7 kW directional at 39' HAAT, to
> 1.4 kW directional at a
> much higher HAAT with the stick moved from the
> Alumni-Lydon Library roof to
> that of the 18 story Fox Hall across the river on
> North Campus.  Where did
> WJUL make it's real gains in signal?
> WJUL still needed to continue to protect WPAA (91.7
> Andover) at (<deep
> breath> "my daddy works for the FCC and everyone
> knows a federal politician
> who once went here at Philips Academy and we never
> kill our plates and dead
> carriers at 25 watts are fun and what 'dis do?
> Wweeee!...." </breath>)
> Never understood why _that_ ten watter got to hop to
> 25 watts instead of
> moving to a nice new piece of dial landscape when
> they had the chance.
> Probably easier to pop a new xmtr in the rack and
> call it at day than bang
> out an engineering study.
> Bill O'Neill
> "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."
> Garrison Keillor

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
                           "Scanning the bands since 1967"

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