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Re: Channel 7 cancels all of its minority-targeted public affairs shows

On 11 Oct 2001 at 10:18, Chris Beckwith wrote:

> According to today's Boston Globe, Sunbeam's WHDH-TV/Boston announced
> yesterday that Urban Update, Asian Focus, Higher Ground, Jewish Perspective
> and Revista will leave the air by year's end.  A Channel 7 spokeswoman
> cited a need to concentrate resources on news.  Some Urban Update content
> is to be incorporated into Boston Common, which will remain.

"Jewish Perspective" is a truly venerable local show.  I first saw it in the late 1950s, when it was 
called "This Is Temple Israel."  It was on somewhat later on Sunday morning in those days 
(11:00 AM, I think), once a month.  It became "Jewish Perspective" sometime in the late 70s, I 
think, with the retirement of Rabbi Roland B. Gittlesohn.  It was being hosted by Rabbi Mehlman 
of Temple Israel last time I saw it, which was a few years ago.  I believe Rabbi Mehlman has 
retired too, now.

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