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RE: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

So why don't we get WGBH or GBH Select out here? Down at my cousin's in
Westerly, RI, they get WGBH and WGBH Select.. why dont we? I'm just

>>> Garrett Wrote:
Non-commercial educational stations have a restricted form of
must-carry (up to three signals per market), no retrans consent, no
syndex, and no network exclusivity.  That's why most systems in the
Boston area get either channel 11 or channel 36 in addition to the
locals, and similarly systems in Hartford and Springfield get both 24
and 57, and systems in the Champlain Valley get 33 and 57.  Canadian
signals do not have must-carry rights in the U.S., but the CRTC has
plenary authority over which U.S. signals are to be carried on which
systems in Canada.  (Cable systems are licensed ``broadcast
distribution undertakings'' in Canada, and the selection of broadcast
channels is a condition of license,)