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Re: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

WWOR-TV was dropped by Eastern Microwave, the major
supplier of "superstations" to cable companies in
Upstate New York a couple years ago, so I would think,
barring any special satellite arrangements, WWOR would
be unavailable for them to carry at this point, while
last I knew WSBK was still being carried by Eastern
                          Matt Osborne
                          Hyde Park, NY

On Sun, 7 Oct 2001 Paul Anderson wrote:

> I was going to ask why a closer UPN affiliate wasn't
> added, and then I 
> went to 100000watts.com to look for New York UPN
> stations.  There isn't 
> a full-power UPN affiliate in the entire state of
> New York!  (WWOR is in 
> NJ remember).
> I wonder why WSBK was added instead of WWOR.
> Paul

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