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Re: Station ID's (was wxlo uses..)

> And Dan Billings said...
> >The area has been economically depressed since
> Loring Air Force Base was 
> >closed in 1994. The area's population has dropped
> considerably in the last 
> >decade. The mall that Adam mentioned was built to
> serve Canadian shoppers 
> >but the Canadians started collecting taxes on
> shoppers at the borders and 
> >the mall ended up in foreclosure. 

The mall that is mentioned was actually supposed to
goto my town, Houlton... But the town council was
afraid that it would promote cross border traffic. 
That was EXACTLY what we needed back then...  Too bad
soem people are stuck in their ways, eh?

> I think there is one live daypart left out of the
> three class C's in the Citadel cluster in Presque
> Isle.