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Re: Station ID's (was wxlo uses..)

Original message from: "Dan Strassberg"
>that the land area of Aroostook county is larger than that of the whole
>state of Connecticut--maybe larger than CT and RI combined. You may indeed

Yes, it is about the same size as the two together, total population is about 68,000 now.  The upper valley, Van Buren (for a 
while home of the only McDonalds ever to go under, until Greenville)  Is Very French, and has more in common with that part of 
New Brunswick, than Maine.

And Dan Billings said...
>The area has been economically depressed since Loring Air Force Base was 
>closed in 1994. The area's population has dropped considerably in the last 
>decade. The mall that Adam mentioned was built to serve Canadian shoppers 
>but the Canadians started collecting taxes on shoppers at the borders and 
>the mall ended up in foreclosure. 

Depressed is right.  It is amazing to see how much impact the base had up there.  Without that artificial support, things would be 
a lot different.  As it is now, on a recent visit after a two year absense,  a lot of businesses have vanished.  Caribou is a ghost 
town.  The Mall has just been sold again, to a firm from New York, I think.

And Adam Rivers Wrote about WQHR
>Well I didn't like it one bit! It was the only hit music within range unless 
>you could get (on a good day) B97 or Z107 from Bangor. From the kids I met 
>up there, it's what they had to listen to, not by choice but that's the only 
>halfway-decent station up there.. ~adam 
I think there is one live daypart left out of the three class C's in the Citadel cluster in Presque Isle.  I would bet even more 
revenue is coming from the Canadian side than ever.  There really is nothing for kids to do up there.  and a large number of them 
end up in trouble in one way or another.  The rest leave for college and never look back.

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