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RE: No Fox affilate for Bangor after all

Here in the Springfield area, we either get WTXX or WLVI or we get this feed
from WBQT-TV.. which is not an actual television station, but was made by
the WB network to serve the local cable systems that have Charter Comm.
Unfortunately, we have Charter Communications, which will always take it the
cheap way, I would prefer to have WB11 from New York, but they go with this
cheap thing for cable systems. I have like the same cable system as you.. if
you look in the paper, you'll see what im tlaking about (look on the Cable
Conversion Chart in sunday's springfield newspaper.)


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On Sat, 6 Oct 2001 08:31:36 -0400 "Adam Rivers" <adamrivers@prodigy.net>

> Well, I don't know about those rules. We have WBNE New Haven (UPN) on
> our cable system with WSBK Boston.

And here in East Longmeadow, the WB channel says it's on it's licensed to
Holyoke/Springfield and on Channel 13.  How does that work?

-Rick Kelly

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