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Re: Lawsuit against Adam River's Parents

I am CC'ing this to BRI for the sole purpose that I think people should be
made aware of actions that are being taken because something happened on
their list. The post below was posted to TheNewWar@yahoogroups.com, and
the above is a public (and irrelevent to the lists) post questioning the
below mentioned actions. I am also CC'ing this to abuse@prodigy.net and

Hello Joe and all-

A few things-

This post, much like the one slamming Chuck Igo, DOES NOT BELONG ON THIS
LIST. Does this look like discussion for the NewWar mailing list? I DO NOT

Next- Adam strarted a new list similar to this one and ACCIDENTALLY
subscribed the boston-radio-interest mailing address top the list. I bet I
know how to, he wanted to invite everyone on to the list, so he put that
address in the invite form. Someone responded, subscribing the whole list.
There were TWO posts made to this list and then he found out that the list
was subscribed and removed it.

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to take legal action for TWO emails that you
received unless you are some money hungry arrogant idiot that has nothing
better to do then sue some 13 year old for something SMALL that he
that ignorant?

Adam is 13 years old and not as mature as the rest of us, why shoukd he
be? He is just 13 years old. He has a lot more insight into the radio and
television industries then anyone I've ever known of at that age, and more
knowledge then any average Joe. He contributes and participates in
discussions and usually posts RELEVENT information, unlike other people
who we all know who seem to want to make public posts defaming others.

This is and wilkl be my last post to any public forum concerning this
matter. There should be NO REWSPONSE done on any of these lists, this
topic is irrelevent to the discussion to either of these lists and is only
posted to show the ignorance of some people.

Joe I have tried hard to respect you and your views. After this I can no

all the best,
Jeremy Mixer

On Thu, 4 Oct 2001 varulven@webtv.net wrote:

> Dear Prodigy & WebTV.Net:
> When children get ahold of e mail and
> start subscribing entire groups of
> people to services they didn't ask for,
> perhaps we should look at the
> guardians of these misfits.
> It is clear whoever this "Adam Rivers"
> person is, that internet terrorism is his
> game.
> I demand that Prodigy suspend the
> account of Adam Rivers, and that
> WebTV help me find out who his
> guardians are so that we may
> initiate legal action against them.
> Thank you.
> [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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