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WRPS Rockland

I noticed a very strong signal tonight (it's 4 am)
here in Beverly, on 88.3 MHz. What's WBMT (Boxford)
doing on at this hour, I thought...but actually I
found it was WRPS (Rockland Public Schools), which
is about 40 miles south of here.

100000watts.com lists them as being 105 watts; maybe
the signal's just coming in well "over the water"
though I don't remember picking them up before.
Sounds like they're playing "adult album alternative"
or some sort of "modern rock" (probably pre-taped
or on a hard drive)...By the way, I was amused to
see that 100000watts.com lists "WNNW 1110" as being
in Salem MA. That would be Salem NH, folks. :)

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