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An Apology

Joe V stated and asked:
>>1)I'm a long time listener of Let's Talk
   About Radio - it's a great show.

   Chuck,  do you  care about facts
   or are you out to belittle someone?<<

   if my interpretation of your posting about LTAR (a 
very RARE, POSITIVE public posting by you, imnsho) was 
mistaken, then my apology is hereby offered.
    i'll not wage a war of words with you, sir.  my 
parents taught me that it is better to do battle with 
someone on even ground, and you, sir, battle well for an 
unarmed man.  i'll not have my reputation in any way 
sullied by the likes of you.
   to the list, my apologies for this note.  but as i 
informed Mr.V off-list, my point was sadly proven.

- -Chuck Igo