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Re: USAffairs??

Adam, et al:

I'm usually satisfied to lurk on this group and follow only the threads that
interest me, but every once in a while I do add my two cents.

First, to the "adults" on this list, we're doing a great job as killing the
interests of a young person who clearly enjoys what we do and more often
than not has something worthwhile to contribute. I do not recall Garrett
ever stating that this list was limited to either broadcast professionals or
people of a certain age, but if I am incorrect I trust he will set the
record straight. If Adam is guilty of anything, it is that he is
overzealous, but am I the only one who recalls a time when the radio world
was populated by people with that same fervor?

Adam, while some on this list were annoyed by what they perceived as "spam,"
I do not think it can be said that, "the majority of the folks [on this
list] do not like [you]." Do not let the unthinking comments of a vocal
minority make you believe that we all feel that way, because we don't. I
personally have often found your input as a young person who is clearly
passionate about radio to be both insightful and rejuvenating; it is a
refreshing change from the often (and perhaps justifiably) jaded comments of
those who are unhappy with the state of an industry most of us entered once
upon a time because we shared that same passion. In short, as long as you
feel you have something to contribute, do so.