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Re: voice tracking

Would you or wouldn't you call WCRN voice-tracked? My 
understanding is that all music shows (other than the 
satellite-distributed programs heard only on weekends) 
come from a hard-drive automation system. But during AM 
drive, mid-days, and PM drive, the jocks are live. 
Evenings and overnights, the programming is jockless. 
So, though automated, the programming doesn't appear to 
be voice-tracked. However, the hard-drive automation 
system almost certainly _allows_ voice-tracking. And I'd 
be surprised if there weren't occasions when a jock who 
needed time off for personal business didn't voice track 
a shift.
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> Just curious, anyone know for sure which stations in the Boston ADI voice
> track either all or part of the time?
> df