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Re: US Affairs??

Dave Faneuf counsels:

One thing you need to learn about this business is to take
> things with a grain of salt.  You let them get under your skin and they
> win.
> Later

My first exposure to the jock lounge at the former HDH/COZ was an
eye-opener.  Early 20s kid listening to industry giants reciting down their
fingers the stations they'd been blown out of...within the last TWO years!
Just another day in the life.  And then the reasons (if there was one): "new
PD cleaned house, new PD hated me, new GM hated the PD who took it out on
me, new owner turned the station upside down, new owner took it Spanish, PD
now a jock and I'm not, I was replaced by Sinatra who's still dead, I was
replaced by Larry King who's back from the dead...." and that was just over

Bill O'Neill