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Re: Bangor, ME Mornings

Chuck dees write:

if he is THE SHOW,
> then one might guess it'll be 24 to 72 hours before the
> words that leave his mouth in LA reach Bangor?
Wasn't that the delay for Dr. Laura on 'RKO when she ran 19 hours later (a
whole bunch more on Mondees)?

or has
> Rick developed a "plain-wrap" show that lets him send
> out pre-produced bits & liners which are assembled by a
> local producer?

If I were responsible for programming, I'd keep it in a "plain brown"
wrapper too.  Don't want the neighbors catching on... <g>  C'mon Chuck, Rick
Dees...Maine....West Coast Aging Surfer Boy... Maine... Rick Dees...LL Bean
hat with ear flaps....Rick Dees holding onto an organic tofu burger and a
hunting rifle.... oh, never mind. <ducking>

Bill O'Neill