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Re: Bangor, ME Mornings

Cooper wrote:
>>Bangor has a new morning show...  Rick Dees will now
be featured on WWBX(97.1FM) in Bangor<<

Nice to see also that keeping it live and local and 
topical, Rick will be starting his day at around 0230, 
PST.  and for his own time-zone?  that would make it a 7 
or 8 hour airshift, no?
  then, when he gets off the air, he could do a remote 
at the Bangor Mall or a little further north helping the 
kids pick some 'taters.  if he's lucky, he'll get some 
trade at the local oriental cuisine restaurant or the 
donut shop, and maybe the occasional set of tires...
    i'm curious, seriously:  will Rick be THE morning 
show?  or just FEATURED on the show?  if he is THE SHOW, 
then one might guess it'll be 24 to 72 hours before the 
words that leave his mouth in LA reach Bangor?  or has 
Rick developed a "plain-wrap" show that lets him send 
out pre-produced bits & liners which are assembled by a 
local producer?

- -Chuck Igo