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Re: "T" Word-Yes, "F" Word-No

Mark Casey writes:
...attaching the "T" word to
> an ethnic description like "Arab" or "Muslim", so they are almost always
seeen together as
> one. That attachment HAS to STOP as one step towards solving the problems.
The emphasis
> has to be put on the "T" word without the ethnic attachment.

Could not agree more.

> A fundamentalist, <snip> is one that follows closely the religion or
belief they embrace.
> This would apply to the majority of us, <snip>

Early on, there were commentators who said that the F word was far less
accurate than "extremists" and others, but then the who thing just seemed to
take on a "speak" of its own.  And the mental linkage b/w (anything) Arabs
or (anything) Muslims if it's not lifting up the image, is damning.  The
mind swings from transmitted images of "Fundamentalist Muslims" or "Muslim
Terrorists" juxtaposed with pleas by the govt. to reach out and embrace the
Muslim world.

Bill O'Neill