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"T" Word-Yes, "F" Word-No

No problem with the T word. They are terrorists.
But the media has the duty to ackniowledge the damage they've done to a whole population
of our decent and hard working Arab neighbors on this planet by attaching the "T" word to
an ethnic description like "Arab" or "Muslim", so they are almost always seeen together as
one. That attachment HAS to STOP as one step towards solving the problems. The emphasis
has to be put on the "T" word without the ethnic attachment.

My (UN)favorite is the "F" word
It's being cast always as a negative, and with an ethnic attachment. This creates real

A fundamentalist, as shown in an interview with an American Moslem family last week,(and
in the dictionary) is one that follows closely the religion or belief they embrace.
This would apply to the majority of us, whether Christian, Jewish, or Moslem, and closely
follow your Bible or Koran, (the 10 Commandments type of stuff-don't drink, smoke, etc)

Heck, if I stop having that before dinner beer,
I'm a FUNDAMENTALIST! and proud of it!

Hope that you all have a pleasant week

Mark Casey