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Re: USAffairs??

On Sat, 29 Sep 2001, Mark Laurence wrote:

> It looks like my membership in the BRI list is causing me to be signed
> up for the USAffairs mailing list on Yahoo.  Is this true?  If so,
> please reverse that process.  I'd like to decide on my own mailing
> lists, thank you very much.

Adam- with all due respect, what are you doing? I created the New War
mailing list for this exact purpose, do you feel that you will find people
who agree with your viewpoints more then on the New War list that I
created? You are going to get the same disagreements and same discussion
on two lists that really shouldn't even be sperate because they concern
the same topic.

By including every member of this list on the list you create that is
unfair to those who are here to discuss radio and only radio and other
related media.

Was it or was it not you who was complaining about talk of radio in NY or
Connecticut or something when this is a Booston radio interest group?

Adam, I am not flaming you, but this is worse bud. The reason I created
TheNewWar was to get this discussion off of this list and others. Not to
encourage it on other lists, and not really with the intention of trying
to compete with other list.


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