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Re: The "T" Word

Well Bill, unless you have a wiretap of the Pentagon war 
room, the only thing that is TRULY KNOWN is that there
 were planes flown into the building, and there was
 tragic loss of thousands of lives. After that NO ONE
 KNOWS for sure. 
Yes, we have second hand accounts of people calling from
 cell phones, telling their loved ones that
 'arab-looking' men were hijacking the planes. We also
 have reports from American "intelligence" bureaus who
 THINK these are the suspects. We also know they used 
dummy names,and were drinking and whoring like drunken
 sailors on leave, not exactly the activities of fundementalist Islamics. I would note that these are the same "intelligence" agencies who didn't know the Soviet Union was falling apart, didn't know the Berlin Wall was
 coming down, and who trained bin Laden to BEAT the Soviets in an almost decade long war.

We DON'T actually KNOW if they were bin Laden, Saddam,
 Milosevic, Quadafi, spooks within our own ranks, or 
whoever. We JUST DON'T KNOW yet.

I would add something we DO KNOW: The CIA and FBI KNEW
 about some of these guys, knew that they were training
 to fly passenger airlines, knew that they had
 reportedly met with Iraqi orgs, and been warned on
 numerous occasions of possible terrorist attacks on
 airplanes and THEY TOLD NO ONE!
How can you possibly trust them now? 

The responsible thing to do is to call it an attack and
 a tragedy and not convict anyone until we actually see
 some proof of who, what, and why, this happened. I
 don't think that is too much to ask for. Do you?

In a message dated Fri, 28 Sep 2001  2:55:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time, "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net> writes:

> Tony writes:
> > Drudge is reporting that CNN and other news agencies are adding
> "alleged" to any description, which, technically, they should.
> As in "alleged terrorism?"  "Alleged loss of human life?"  I possess a
> firm grasp of the technical elements of reporting on a news story.  I
> also have an appreciation of how jingoism gone-amuck can yield a
> deleterious impact on believable journalism; however, I believe we need
> to delineate between allegations of involvement of certain individuals as
> yet not tried and the act of terrorism, itself.  September 11th did not
> involve an alleged terrorist attack.  There are those allegedly involved
> in that action.
> Bill O'Neill