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Re: Satellite Radio - Sirius and XM

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Hakim Madjid wrote:

> The other question of the day is will both Sirius and XM survive in the long
> run?
Hakim, remember KERBANGO? That was that Internet Radio appliance that 3M
was manufacturing. The service is no longer....apparently these 200$ to
300$ receivers (which was something that connected to an ISDN or Cable
modem line) are now useless.

Garrett is the computer whiz here....maybe there's some sort of hack that
can keep these Kerbangos going?  Something that's Linux-based maybe? 

How many of these gadgets were sold?

I remember reading something that these things could also catch standard
AM and FM signals off the air....but why would anyone spend 200$ for a
radio to listen to standard local stations?  

I admit...I finally bought the Kloss Model 1 table radio yesterday....but
I didn't spend the 99.99$ on it, even thought that radio is certainly
worth the money. :-)

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