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WGBH-DT Channel 19?

As usual, when PBS puts on one of its marathon-length series like "Evolution", which
is running now, I tape it at various times for future viewing.  The first night, I put in
a tape before going to sleep, but the past two nights (Tue & Wed), I taped it from 10:00 pm
till midnight.  In this case, I viewed a minute of two as it started, and noticed an announcement
similar to this:  "Evolution" is also available in full-picture digital format on channel 19".
Wait a minute...over the years, I've been pulling in a feeble picture on my table-top TV
on channel 19;  I think I noticed it a few weeks ago.  What was that channel anyway?
I think it was a Spanish-language outlet.  Where did it go and when did 'GBH begin 
broadcasting on channel 19?  (When I try channel 19 now, I get a strange "black" pulsating 
entity, and not very well.
I'm sure some informed BRIGger will have the answer!

Laurence Glavin

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