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Re: "WBZ Boston, USA"

Dan wrote:
>>Not to sound like a company man (and god knows I'm 
not, right Chuck?) but I think my employers showed a 
great deal of sensitivity by dropping all promos, 
jingles, and voicers immediately after the crisis.<<

   i'm assuming you're referring to Oldies 100.9.  just 
about every voice guy in America got a call around noon 
on September 11, followed by a page.5 fax.  WGAN was 
running "crisis" voicers as well.
    as we mentioned, the billboarding of the "crisis" 
was, and still is, over-done.  the improper "inflection" 
on some of the WBZ voicers was probably just that.  i'd 
be willing to be that the particular voice in question 
was not gleeful, but yes, it happened.  
     another thing to take into consideration is that 
some of those sweepers and bumpers were produced from 
existing pieces already in-house.  that could possibly 
account for some "improper" inflection.  i know that at 
WROR, we ran a wonderfully produced, tribute top hour id 
that mixed Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" 
with actualities, including the President's request for 
a moment of silence.  after a brief pause, the WROR 
voice guy came back with a subdued lead-in, followed by 
an existing "WROR, Framingham-Boston."  to my ear, i 
could hear the original "positive engergy" in the read, 
which i thought took away from the previous fifty-eight 
seconds.  hopefully, most un-tuned ears didn't notice. 

- -Chuck Igo