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Re: "WBZ Boston, USA"

Good example of a "study" that WBZ reports on.
A study shows that eating more junk food caused a 50% increase in obesity
and tooth decay.
I wonder what "study" gave WBZ the notion that people tuned in to hear the
results of those studies

Bill O'Neill wrote:

> Dan writes:
> > In my book, the first thing BZ should lose are those
> > positioners by that totally inane voiceover guy who kind
> > of half whispers. On the day after the WTC collapse, he
> > sounded absolutely _thrilled_ to be announcing "America
> > Under Attack."
> Same voice guy at WVMT (620 Burlington).  He sounds like a younger Mason
> Adams (Smuckers..gotta be good) but almost "one note" with whispered
> intensity.  It works in doses.  Although I'm sure no one was "thrilled" I
> get what you're saying in that it was one of those "crisis of the day"
> here packages.  This was no crisis-of-the-day.
> Chuck Igo makes a good point on the "USA" issue.  WBZ can't be accused of
> being a latecomer station to issues and reporting; as a heritage signal,
> it's been a go-to for thousands over the years.  From my distance to the
> market, I can catch 1030 24/7 but with a liveable s/n after CH.  With an
> unfortunate tragedy like this, gone are the unfortunate recent WBZ style
> lead-ins like, "If you have a circular driveway, chances are you don't
> have to back-out into the street.  That's the word from a federal study
> just released.  Jay McQuade has more....."  (Okay, a bit of an
> exaggeration but....)
> Bill O'Neill