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Re: One more note on FoxNews ...

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Dan Billings wrote:

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> <<Wonder where the peaceniks will go this time if there is draft? >>
> Now we're getting off topic again...
> But while we are off topic, I will say that you don't have to be a peacenik
> to be against the draft.  I've always thought that the draft comes too close
> to slavery.  If you can't get enough volunteers from the country to fight a
> war, maybe the war's not worth fighting?

I used to beleive this, even for a few days after the terrorist attacks, I
worried and feared tht if this escalates to be large enough, I very well
could get drafted.

But then as I thought about it, it occured to me that being into radio as
much as I am, maybe I could use my skills in the military....and if I was
drafted I would be drafted and would be perfectly willing to go ahead with
it (there is the media content there :) )

Now that I think of it, nearly two weeks after tis has all happened, my
views have changed dramatically. We are lucky to be citizens of the United
States, we really are. We have it better then so many people. I'd like to
point to the title of a song by CSN&Y- "Find the Cost of Freedom". If the
United States got attacked on a much higher scale, by several different
countries, on our own soil, and were taken over, we could lose that. If we
end up making some sort of mistake against the world in this upcoming war
against terrorism, then it is not something that can be ruled out.
Chances are pretty slim, but it could happen. Would you still feel that
the draft was slavery? If someone was drafted in that sort of situation
and ran off to Canada, they should be forced to stay there. Period.

Of course this view does not apply to this situation that we are just
getting into now, however, as a citizen of the country, you should be
willing to fight for your country.

Face it, our government may very well be defeated one day, as long as the
human race hasbeen on earth, societys in an organized fashion have come
and gone. And the United States may one day, possibly not until after all
of us are gone, be a piece of history and nothing more. We are strong now,
but it is hard and nearly impossible to see what will happen in the long
term future.