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Re: Patriotic Music 101

Howard scribed:

>...Wednesday's Globe piece on what Boston radio stations did on the 
>one-week anniversary on Tuesday (everyone but WGBH at least noted it) 
>was rife with them so, for your information....
>"God Bless the U.S.A." is the Lee Greenwood song, referred to here at
>least once as "Proud to Be an American."

Many peole believe it is truly the correct title of the song.  The "Save Our Guns" organization, for example.  Check their 
Web Page - http://www.saveourguns.com/gunalerts.htm
I certainly wouldn't want to argue with them.

N.B. Merriam-Webster defines "anniversary" as "the annual 
recurrence of a date marking a notable event" thus the term 
"one week anniversary" becomes an oxymoron.

Roger Kirk