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WCCM selling 800AM, moving to 1110AM

Today's Eagle-Tribune (Lawrence MA) reports that Eagle-Costa is selling the
800AM frequency to the Archdiocese of Boston (WIHS, anyone?).

As of 4:30PM, this story is not yet on the www.eagletribune.com website. I
believe they usually post the same day newspaper at about 6PM.

They're moving the WCCM Calls and programing to 1110AM, and 'blending' the
'best of' WNNW and WHAV into 1490, which will become WNNW (Bye Bye to the
heritage WHAV Call letters).

Since 1110AM is NOT 24hrs, does that mean the Spinners have spun their last
game on WCCM?

Sounds like a 'I need money' situation to me.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH