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rabbit ears

My tale of woe and intrigue, as the "Car Talk" guys
would say, began a week ago yesterday when my city
woke me up at 8 am, digging up my sidewalk so they
could put a newly paved sidewalk in its place. But
in the process, they cut through the cable TV line. I
have been without cable ever since and may not get it
back until at least next Tuesday.

Seems the city may have been digging without
contacting "Dig Safe". The cable company (AT&T
Broadband) contacted a company to replace the cable,
and they had to get permission from landowners,
a "Dig Safe" plan, and permission from the city to
cut up that brand new paved sidewalk.

Well, had to do something for now to get at least
some TV reception so I paid $15 for a prehistoric
device known informally as "rabbit ears" :) (as it
is, I'll probably wind up saving at least that much
money as the cable company won't charge me for the
days without cable, so that kind of makes up for it). 

They work OK but could be a lot better. Here I am in
Beverly, but reception of Boston stations not quite
what I expected. Ch. 27 (Worcester) and 28 (New
Bedford?) came in much better than I expected, as did
Ch. 11 from New Hampshire.

A few questions for the list:

--if you use rabbit ears or an antenna on top of your
house, do you also get much spottier reception than
you'd expect? (I'd guess hills or tall buildings
can really affect the signal, so it probably depends
where you are...)

--these rabbit ears also say they're for FM. Has
anyone used rabbit ears for FM reception and, if so,
how well did it do?

--has anyone ever tried the type of antenna where you
plug it in and "use the wiring of the house to
get reception"?

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