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Re: Bangor TV news

I used to work for WVII as a studio camera operator
and I can defientely reccomend watching ANY other
station, although it will be interesting to see if
they improve thier news coverage when Jan Smith takes
over.  Most everyone there...from the reporters and
the technical crew hates working for them and is
trying to get out of there.  No one really cares about
the news coverage, just as long as they can put
something on the air and label it "news".  Personally
I watch WABI, they have the best coverage of what is
going on in eastern and central Maine, even though
they do not appear as proffesional as channel 2. 
Although its sometimes fun to watch WVII just to laugh
at thier constant mistakes...


- Dan Billings <dib9@gwi.net> wrote:
> I've always preferred WCSH news over the other
> Portland TV stations.  Pat
> Callahan is a pro and WCSH usually has the best
> group of reporters.
> However, I have been watching them less and less as
> they have increased
> their simulcasting with Bangor's WLBZ.  The
> simulcast results in WCSH news
> including stories on car accidents and fires in the
> Bangor area and the
> weather has to be done on a statewide basis.  With
> the very limited amount
> of time given to news anyway, this results in very
> little local content.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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