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Re: Bangor TV news

Even though i have always preffered channel 2 news
over the others in the area(not that i have been able
to watch the news lately due to my work schedule) even
though the thought that most of the news originated
from portland kinda' bugged me. As a side note, i was
on my way to work here at envisionet, i saw a channel
2 news crew interviewing one of our employees.
Probably about the merger with Micrdyne...

--- Rod O'Connor <rjoc@webtv.net> wrote:
> This is rather surprising. Even though WVII has
> always seemed to be a
> poor third in Bangor news, things have been looking
> better lately, IMO.
> Unfortunately, they seem to have a steady turnover
> in anchors, and
> reporters. However, they do have an excellent
> weather anchor.  
> Also they do no local weekend newscasts except at
> 11pm Sat and Sun. On
> the other hand WLBZ-2 does, at least have some local
> news features via
> WCSH-6 Portland on weekends. WABI TV5 usually has 6
> and 11PM weekend
> newscasts.
> Perhaps Jan Smith will give WVII some initial
> ratings boost with her
> presence. But what will come of WLBZs 5 and 6PM
> local newscasts?
> Already WLBZ re-broadcasts WCSH Portland Mornings.
> midday at 12-Noon,
> and at 5:30 and 11 with local meteorologist Steve
> McKay doing drop-ins
> at 5:45 and 11:15.
> Looks like WABI TV5 will have a good chance to
> increase their share.
> Interestingly though, their Coastal Bureau in
> Ellsworth lost their local
> reporter, and nobody seems to filling in that spot.
> Does anybody know the latest ratings for Bangor TV
> Newscasts?
> Staying tuned,
> Rod O'Connor
> Southwest Harbor, Maine

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