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Re: Bangor TV news

This is rather surprising. Even though WVII has always seemed to be a
poor third in Bangor news, things have been looking better lately, IMO.
Unfortunately, they seem to have a steady turnover in anchors, and
reporters. However, they do have an excellent weather anchor.  
Also they do no local weekend newscasts except at 11pm Sat and Sun. On
the other hand WLBZ-2 does, at least have some local news features via
WCSH-6 Portland on weekends. WABI TV5 usually has 6 and 11PM weekend
Perhaps Jan Smith will give WVII some initial ratings boost with her
presence. But what will come of WLBZs 5 and 6PM local newscasts?
Already WLBZ re-broadcasts WCSH Portland Mornings. midday at 12-Noon,
and at 5:30 and 11 with local meteorologist Steve McKay doing drop-ins
at 5:45 and 11:15.

Looks like WABI TV5 will have a good chance to increase their share.
Interestingly though, their Coastal Bureau in Ellsworth lost their local
reporter, and nobody seems to filling in that spot.

Does anybody know the latest ratings for Bangor TV Newscasts?

Staying tuned,

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine