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No Subject

EBradio wrote

>I enjoyed WHEB during the late 70's/early 80's when the line-up >included
>folks such as Ted Baxter, Norm T-Bone, Duncan Dewer(sp?), Tom >Bergeron and

Those names were actually  Ted Garland (did mornings at WOKQ briefly in the 
90s and now appears on New Hampshire Public TV's fundraising auctions and 

Norm Thibeault (pronounced T-Bow) who is now at WODS and does alot of 
voiceover work on Channel 5. Norm held several positions over the years at 
other Knight stations as well..WSAR Fall River and WGIR Manchester.

Duncan Dewar...was WHEB's Program Director in the Late 70's/early 80s after 
Andy Carey left for WJBQ in Portland. After that WHEB's sound began to 
soften more to an AC approach from the tighter Top 40 sound it had. Does 
anyone remember the way Duncan would sign off his show every afternoon?

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