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RE: GE SuperRadios

I don't recall trying Dxing on my Acura's radio with the rear defroster on.
Probably because if the rear defroster's on that means inclement weather, in
which case more than likely I'd be tuned into WBZ for weather and traffic
reports, not DXing. For pciknig up local signals, the defroster/on/off
doesn't make any difference.

As far a a directionality effect with the Honda arragment, I don't really
notice any.

As for GM's 1970s antenna-in-the-winshield thing, I guess that was a thin
wire dipole type of thing imbeded in the windshield. You could actually see
the wires if you looked closely. Of course, the last 30 years of automtive
history has proven that GM doesn't really know what it's doing, that's why
those antenna's didn't work very well. Remember at the the time GM was doing
that windshield antenna thing they alsoe manage to produce the Vega - the
greatest transportation disaster since the Hindenburg :-).

73, de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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Hakim Madjid wrote:
>So I don't think the Honda antenna in the rear window setup
>is really a hindrance. I kind of like the Honda rear window antenna
>of course, it's a lot less prone to damage/vandalisim than the standard car
>monopole rod antenna

I'd be interested in how well they do when the rear-window defroster is on.
 I've had cars where it markedly deteriorated reception with the external
rod.  Also, is it directional?  As I recall, the old 70s-era GM ones in the
windshield were.

>I understand that Alpine makes some of the head units for Honda/Acura.

Blauplunkt makes some of the GM/Delco ones...mine is (or at least the tape
deck is).